An Overview on the Rental Properties in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the land of dreams and extravagance. The city is full of marvels that are unveiled at every step, every street, every corner. It’s a dreamland when it comes to entertainment, food, fun, frolic, fashion, and real estate. If you are looking for houses for rent in Dubai, UAE; it’s important to understand that Dubai is a city of different moods and colors. While some places are posh, the others are relatively simpler and cost-friendly. So, when it comes to rental properties in Dubai, UAE, the scenario is a mix of roughness and refinement. In case you do not know, Dubai is a comprehensive package if you’re looking for homes for rent in Dubai, UAE. Once you begin your hunt for rooms to rent in Dubai, you’ll feel lucky about the fact that you’re getting a chance to stay in Dubai, even if the stay is short.

Where can I find the best Houses for rent in Dubai, UAE?

Dubai has a broad collection of exquisite houses, apartments, and villas for rent. Whether you’re looking for apartments for rent in Dubai Marina or any other place in Dubai, you can choose from an endless list of homes for rent in Dubai, UAE. From rental flats suitable for small families to lavish villas suitable for large families, there are several types of houses for rent in Dubai, UAE. Many rental accommodations have been designed by internationally famous architects and real estate companies to provide them with a look that cannot be easily found anywhere else in the world. Many rental properties in Dubai, UAE, have private parking spaces, indoor swimming pools, kitchen gardens, special play areas for kids, spacious terrace areas, and a lot more. Whether it’s a cheap studio apartment in Dubai for rent or furnished apartments for rent in Dubai, all properties are endowed with fully-equipped kitchens, well-furnished bathrooms, premium tiled floors, beautiful balconies, and everything you’re looking for in your dream home. You can also select between unfurnished and furnished houses for rent in Dubai, UAE. Currently, homes for rent in Dubai, UAE, are 2-bedroom apartments, 3-bedroom apartments, 4-bedroom apartments, 5-bedroom apartments, 6-bedroom apartments, 7-bedroom apartments, and more.

Why Buying Homes for Sale in Dubai, UAE is a Good Idea?

If you think that purchasing a property in Dubai, UAE is limited only to entrepreneurs and businesses; you’ve got it all wrong! Anyone can purchase homes for sale in Dubai, UAE. These days, many celebrities from different countries are choosing Dubai as their permanent residence.

If you’re looking for some of the most sought-after places to buy a house in Dubai, you can choose from the following – Palm Jumeirah apartments for sale, studio apartment for sale in Dubai Marina, and more. These luxury accommodations in Dubai are trending big time and are attracting many home buyers. Some of the world-class facilities that you’ll find in houses for sale in Dubai, UAE, are underground parking, saunas, spas, swimming pools, gyms, grocery stores, medical stores, salons, and 24x7 security.

Despite being a busy Emirate in UAE, Dubai is becoming a one-stop destination for home buyers. Also, many global brands are choosing Dubai as their company’s headquarters. So, if you’re looking for an ideal location to set-up your new office, you can browse through the list of commercial real estate for sale in Dubai, UAE.

How to Choose Rental Homes in Dubai, UAE

If you’re looking for spacious rental homes in Dubai, UAE, places such as Dubai Marina and Jumeirah are high on the list. Even though there are several areas in Dubai with suitable rental properties, these two areas are the most popular. If you’re looking for an area that’s eco-friendly, you can explore Al Barari, where over 60% of the area is covered by greenery. Most of the rental houses in Al Barari are currently in the construction phases. However, the projects are scheduled to be completed soon. And, if you’re desperately trying to find a villa with private pool for daily rent in Dubai or holiday villas in Dubai, you can check the luxurious properties in the Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and the Springs. These are some of the most sough-after places for renting Dubai villas with private pools.

Factors on which your choice for a rental property may depend:

  • Your overall rental budget
  • The distance of the rental accommodation from your work
  • Your mode of transport
  • York work timings
  • Facilities you’re looking for, in and around your rental apartment, villa, flat, etc.

Once you are clear about the different factors mentioned above, you can make an informed choice.

Homes for rent in Dubai, UAE - Price Trends and More

In case you’re looking for more information on Dubai house rent per month, you’re in the right place. We’ll tell you everything about the price trends of the homes for rent in Dubai, UAE.

Rental properties in Dubai, UAE, come with prices that are suitable for almost all income groups. The rental prices start from AED 3000 per month and can go up to AED 100000 per month depending upon the accommodation. A 1-bedroom rental apartment in Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach costs around AED 90000 per year, while a 1-bedroom rental apartment in Palm Jumeirah costs around AED 120000. Many 3-bedroom houses for rent in Dubai, UAE, cost anywhere between AED 75000 and AED 800000 per year. A 4-bedroom house for rent can cost anywhere between AED 83000 and AED 1700000. If you talk about the high-end villas for rent in Dubai, especially in areas such as the Arabian Ranches, the rental cost can be anywhere between AED 145000 to AED 420000 per year. This is just an overview of the current trend prices. For detailed information regarding the rental prices of commercial and residential properties, you can browse through our “properties for rent” section.

Cost of living in Dubai 2018

  • For a single person (without rent) – AED 3330.30
  • For a four-person family (without rent) – AED 11545.25
  • Cost of living index in Dubai is lower by London by 19.43%
  • Cost of living index in Dubai is 72.78.

No matter what your budget is or what kind of homes for rent in Dubai, UAE you’re looking for, Dubai has something special in store for each one of you. If you like the taste of luxury, there are ample holiday villas in Dubai available for renting. If simplicity is something that keeps you going, you can look for a cheap studio apartment in Dubai for monthly rent purpose. All the properties have world-best schools, hospitals, malls, grocery shops, gyms, spas, restaurants, cafes, etc., nearby, so Dubai leaves no room for complaints. Everything’s positioned for you well in advance, all you need to do is search for rental properties in Dubai, UAE, to suit your requirements.

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