Rental Properties in Dubai, UAE – An Overview

The rental property scenario in Dubai is development pretty quickly. Almost every week, there’s a new building, house, or villa available for renting purposes. So, rental homes in Dubai, UAE never run out of stock. However, in first-class locations, you can expect the rental property market to grow faster and most of the properties to be rented out quickly.

Finding rental properties in Dubai, UAE is not as easy as you think. So, it’s a good idea to perform extensive research in advance to be well prepared to comfortably sail through the process and avoid last minute issues. Whether you’re looking for low rent apartments in Dubai or furnished apartments for rent in Dubai, the homework is a must. In this post, we’ll explain everything about finding the right houses for rent in Dubai, UAE. All you need to know is to follow the useful information mentioned here and make the most of it to find the best rental property in Dubai.

How to find Houses for Rent in Dubai, UAE?

Let’s look at some useful tip to find the best rental homes in Dubai, UAE.

Find the right platform to search for Rental Accommodation in Dubai

Find the right platform to search for Rental Accommodation in Dubai

There are a plethora of online platforms that you can use to search for cheap apartments for rent in Dubai or holiday apartments in Dubai. To make the rental property finding scenario convenient for you, we’ve come up with a platform where you can easily search for rental accommodation in Dubai based on the location of your choice, budget, and several other factors. You can also leverage the ‘Advanced Search’ functionality to search for rental homes based on the number of bedrooms, the size of house, and more.
Here are a few factors that you must consider while choosing a rental accommodation in Dubai:

  • Budget
  • Furnished/unfurnished
  • The proximity of the accommodation from your office
  • Annual rent increase
  • Security deposit


Make a list of Dubai apartments for rent

Once you browse through the different homes for rent in Dubai, UAE, narrow down on a list of the best ones.

Carefully Sign the Contract

Once you select a property, make sure the contract contains all the relevant information regarding the property, including all the terms and conditions. Sign the contract only if you’re content with it. If you’re paying an advance rent or security deposit, don’t forget to ask for an invoice.

Finding Homes for Rent in Dubai, UAE? Connect with DEWA and Register with Ejari

Finding Homes for Rent in Dubai, UAE? Connect with DEWA and Register with Ejari

Whether you’re looking for cheap villas for rent in Dubai, UAE, or furnished apartments for rent in Dubai, make sure you connect with DEWA and register with Ejari once you finalized the rental accommodation.

Follow these steps to connect with DEWA online:

  • Complete the application form on DEWA website and submit once completed.
  • Attach the required documents such as trade license and VISA.
  • Pay the security deposit online.

Note – You can also connect with DEWA offline.

For registering with Ejari, make sure you have the following documents in place:

  • Title deed
  • The original tenancy contract
  • Copy of the ID proofs of the tenant and the landlord (preferably passport)
  • The original DEWA registration receipt
  • The Emirates ID

Useful Tips to Find the Best Rental Homes in Dubai, UAE

Apart from the important points mentioned above, here are some useful tips that you must follow to find the perfect rental homes in Dubai, UAE:

  • Take the help of a rental calculator to analyze the rent increase you might see per year.
  • Don’t finalize the property until you visit it in person.
  • A smart move would be to capture some images or videos of the rental property to make sure the landlord doesn’t deduct money from your security deposit at the end.
  • Always remember, even if you found cheap apartments for rent in Dubai, you can always negotiate the price.
  • If you find a rental home but cannot commit to the landlord without consulting your family, don’t worry. You can always reserve the property by paying 5% of the rental amount (which can be adjusted during the signing of the contract).
  • Don’t forget to check the following things – Distance of the rental property from your workplace, accessibility to the metro station, safety and security of the area and the accommodation, availability of parking slots, other facilities such as a school for children, grocery store, salon, etc.

Purchasing or renting a property in Dubai that is affordable is the dream of millions of people across the globe.

Most Affordable Rental Accommodations in Dubai

Here’s a list of areas that have cheap apartments for rent in Dubai:

International City

If you’re looking for unfurnished or furnished apartments for rent in Dubai, the International City is the place to be. Renting a studio apartment in the International City would cost you DH 3000 to DH 5000 per month, while renting a 2-bhk or 3-bhk apartment would cost you DH 28000 to DH 35000 per month.

Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is indeed one of the most affordable places in Dubai that has several rental homes. The rent for a studio apartment is between DH 1500 to DH 3000 per month. Since the area has very few shopping malls, the rent is on the lower side here.

Other areas with low rental rates are Deira, Al Barsha South, Al Nahda, Karama, Abu Hail, and Al Baraha.